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Future SkyTram Redevelopment

Jasper SkyTram Redevelopment Concept

Jasper SkyTram Partnership Ltd. (Jasper SkyTram) is proposing a concept to replace its existing SkyTram, adjusting the SkyTram alignment from the north facing slope of Whistlers Mountain to the east face, and moving the upper terminal approximately 250 metres (m) upslope from the existing location.

The current SkyTram is approaching the end of its operational life, resulting in increased maintenance requirements and operational costs related to environmentally inefficient infrastructure.


As conceived, the SkyTram Redevelopment Concept (the SkyTram Redevelopment) would:

  • Relocate the lift alignment to the east face of Whistlers Mountain.
  • Replace the existing aerial tram with a high-speed, eight-passenger gondola.
  • Relocate the base area from the west end of Whistlers Road to an area immediately adjacent to Highway 93.
  • Relocate the Upper Terminal to a more geotechnically stable location approximately 250 m upslope from the current location.
  • Enhance visitor experience with upgraded visitor services including an interpretive centre, restaurants, activities, barrier-free views and additional parking.

In total, we are anticipating 9.6 hectares (ha) of new ground disturbance and additional 0.2 ha of disturbance that falls within areas previously disturbed by existing developments, including Parks Canada Agency (Parks Canada) roads, trails and portions of the existing SkyTram footprint

Benefits To The Environment

Improving Wildlife Habitat

Returns land to Zone II - Wilderness, the designation for land that is zoned to preserve ecological integrity within national parks

Eliminates the need for passenger vehicles, buses and trucks along a portion of Whistlers Road. This will reduce or remove human traffic, sensory disturbance and vehicle pollution from Whistlers wilderness corridor.

Restoring Creek Flow

Eliminates the need to withdraw drinking water from an unnamed creek approximately one kilometre west of the parking lot and restores creek flow.

Enhancing Environmental Education

Educate visitors on wildlife recovery programs and conservation programs using displays and interpretive trails.

Community and Indigenous Consultation

We are committed to ongoing, open and productive dialogue with Indigenous groups and stakeholders potentially affected by the Project as well as other potentially interested parties

Project Schedule

A four-phased approach is intended to follow outcomes of the impact assessment process as determined by Parks Canada.


Reclamation and Decommissioning

We intend to reclaim or decommission approximately 3.4 ha of the existing SkyTram footprint as part of the SkyTram Redevelopment, returning the land within the existing base area and SkyTram alignment to Zone II – Wilderness, and restoring wildlife connectivity within the conceptual redevelopment area. We expect that areas with ground disturbance or vegetation clearing, such as the existing base area, will be reclaimed or allowed to revegetate naturally. Areas with above-ground infrastructure, such as the sewage line, will be decommissioned and removed. We do not expect these areas to require reclamation; however, requirements will be determined in conjunction with Parks Canada.

Studies and Field Work

Desktop reviews were completed to assess the environmental impact of the SkyTram Redevelopment on water quality, fish and fish habitat as well as noise levels of the Project. Field programs were conducted during the summer of 2019 to identify the presence and distribution of listed plant species, Whitebark Pine and invasive plant species near the Project footprint.

  • Cultural and Archaeology Resources
  • Road transportation and traffic demand
  • Noise levels during Project construction
  • Groundwater
  • Hydrology
  • Aquatic Resources
  • Soil Surveys
  • Plant species
  • Wildlife presence and habitat use
  • Air quality
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Open Houses

Pubic Open Houses were held February 11th in Jasper 2020, Alberta and February 12th 2020 in Edmonton Alberta. The information boards are presented here for interested parties who could not attend.

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