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Field Trips with High Expectations

Jasper SkyTram has developed packages that provide a unique experience for youth.

The SkyTram proves an excellent field trip opportunity as it introduces youth to three different ecological zones and the biodiversity of the animals and plants which make the area their home.

Youth will be actively involved in the learning experience as soon as they set foot in the tram cabins. As the tram soars towards the upper station, a SkyTram guide will provide information about the surrounding river system and mountain chains. Once at the top, chaperones are free to lead youth in an exploration of the Summit Trail as you hike to the peak of Whistlers Mountain. Take in the amazing view of the Canadian Rockies from an elevation of 2,463 metres above sea level.

School/Youth group flight ticket pricing is based on a minimum group size of 15. Teachers & chaperones will receive a complimentary pass for every 15 paid youth passengers.

We are excited to offer this unforgettable experience to you and your youth groups. We look forward to seeing you on the mountain!

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