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Frequently Asked Questions

Jasper SkyTram provides an experience unlike any other in Canada by whisking guests to 2,263 metres, which provides easy access to a boardwalk and hiking trails in the alpine zone of the Canadian Rockies. Hike the Summit Trail to the peak of  Whistlers Mountain (2,463m/8,081ft) for 360° views of six mountain ranges - including Mount Robson, the highest mountain in the Canadian Rockies. Make your visit to Jasper National Park, an integral part of the UNESCO Canadian Rockies World Heritage Site truly memorable.

How often do the tramcars run?

There is a Jasper SkyTram cabin departing both the upper and lower stations every nine (9) minutes.

What is a ‘flight time’?

Trips up the mountain work the same way as airplane flights. When you purchase your Jasper SkyTram ticket, you will be given a specific travel time. Until then, sit back and relax.

What methods of payment are accepted by Jasper SkyTram?

Jasper SkyTram accepts cash, Visa, MasterCard and debit.

How long can I stay at the top?

Coming down is first-come, first-served so people have the flexibility to stay up top as long as they like. The last cabin down leaves one (1) hour later than the last posted trip up the mountain. For example: If the Jasper SkyTram opening hours are 9am–5pm, the last car down is at 6:00pm.

What can I expect on the flight up the mountain?

Each Jasper SkyTram cabin is staffed with a trained operator who provides information on the unique geology, cultural heritage, flora and fauna of the area to help visitors gain an appreciation for the unique mountain landscape. Visitors are welcome to ask questions about the area or anything they see on the journey up the mountain.

Where can I park?

Jasper SkyTram is accessible by all motor vehicles including RVs and buses. Jasper SkyTram has a large parking lot with designated parking stalls for tour buses and RVs.

Do I have to make reservations?

We recommend making a reservation through our online store, as it will save you wait time.  However, you do not need to reserve your flight prior to showing up at the lower station of the SkyTram.

How do I make a group booking?

All groups are recommended to make reservations to guarantee travel up the mountain. A specific flight time will be assigned when a group reservation is made. Pick up tickets at the Reservations Window a minimum of 20 minutes prior to flight departure time. Failure to do so will result in an adjustment on the departure time according to Jasper SkyTram availability. Reserve your group adventure by completing the group/agent request form or contact us for more information.

How many people can fit in a tramcar?

Due to our new health and safety procedures, the Jasper SkyTram is operating at less than 50% capacity.

How do I dress for mountain weather?

Compared to the Jasper townsite which sits at much lower elevation, the temperature is on average 2°C cooler at the Jasper SkyTram lower station and 12°C cooler at the upper station. Jasper SkyTram recommends that visitors bring extra clothing layers to keep warm/cool in all temperatures. Begin with a wicking layer, then a warmth layer, and finally waterproof/windproof layer. Weather changes in the mountains are often unpredictable and quick.

How does Jasper SkyTram protect the environment when there are thousands of visitors each year?

Jasper SkyTram believes in Green tourism. This includes minimalizing impact on the mountain and building environmental awareness and respect. Each Jasper SkyTram cabin is staffed with a trained operator who provides information on the unique geology, cultural heritage, flora and fauna of the area to help visitors gain an appreciation for the unique landscape. Please help protect the beauty of Jasper National Park by staying on designated trails and refrain from removing any rocks or vegetation from the area. If animals are spotted, please keep your distance for the safety of both yourself and the animal. Do not feed any animals.

What kind of wildlife and plants can I expect to see at Jasper SkyTram?

We regularly see Hoary Marmots, White-tailed Ptarmigans, Ground Squirrels, Pikas and sometimes Bighorn Sheep.

For short periods of the summer, enjoy the blooming of thousands of alpine flowers.