Lift Technology

Learn more about tram system that takes you safely to the top of Whistlers Mountain

Tech Talk

Lift Technology

Built by P.H.B. Co. (Germany) and completed in 1964, the Jasper SkyTram travels at speeds of up to 6 meters per second and takes just 7 minutes to climb to the Upper station, which at an elevation of 2277 metres is just shy of the summit of Whistlers mountain.

The tram system itself is made up of a number of key components which work together to ensure a safe trip up and down Whistlers Mountain.


6 wheels (270 mm or 10.5" in diameter) are located in the housing along with a spring-loaded track rope brake that is hydraulically lifted and mechanically locked.

Work Basket

This is used primarily for service and maintenance and provides a platform for our engineers.


There are 2 cables. A track rope cable (46 mm in diameter) on which the tram car rides, and a smaller cable known as the hauling rope (27 mm in diameter), which is responsible for pulling the tram up the mountain.

Flight AttendantĀ 

During your flight on the Jasper SkyTram, our fully-trained and knowledgable flight attendants will point out some of the many sites and answer your questions.


Measuring a spacious 183 cm x 330 cm x 231 cm, each car has a capacity for 30 people plus one flight attendant.

Consistently rated one of the best things to do in Jasper by Trip Advisor.

Rocky Mountain views that will last a lifetime.